Payton's blog is HERE. Various writings about music, endurance sports, etc.

Payton was recently interviewed for NPR's Relevant Tones. Go HERE for the interview, which includes lots of music.

Payton received a Senior Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship to spend a year in India continuing his vocal studies with the renowned Gundecha Brothers. He performed a Dhrupad vocal concert at the Bharat Bhavan in Bhopal, M.P., in March 2014, before returning to the U.S. The Hitaveda newspaper had this to say about it: "Dr. Payton MacDonald with his melodious voice spread the beauty of Dhrupad, its subtle finer points and the way he sang seemed to be spiritualistic. His solo Dhrupad recital was encouraging and not less than any young Indian Dhrupad singer."

The New York Times recently reviewed Payton's new work for the JACK string quartet, titled Radha. The Times has this to say about it: "The eerie harmonics of Payton MacDonald’s quartet version of Radha were hypnotically beautiful, with a viola melody spun over a background of slides and otherworldly effects." recently released an impressive review of Payton's new recording with Elliott Sharp and Peter Evans. Go HERE to read the whole review. Here's an excerpt: "There are moments when I wake up from being transfixed, that I want to start the track over again. The only thing stopping me is the knowledge that something else great is about to follow . . . Definitely one of the best things I've heard in quite awhile."

Payton's new solo marimba recordings are out. The Solo Marimba Commissions, vol. 1 and Solo Marimba Improvisations, vol. 1, both on Equilibrium, both available everywhere online, both got great reviews (see 'Press' page).

Payton is working on a book about experimental music and endurance sports. Working title is Pushing the Limits, Adventures in Experimental Music and Extreme Endurance Sports. The book includes interviews with musicians Stuart Saunders Smith, Steve Schick, and others, as well as endurance athletes like David Horton and Kurt Refsnider.